Our Technology


EarthVision’s SuStar™ Sustainable Starch is a transformational, molecularly modified, starch-based technology, which creates products that are marine degradable, compostable and sustainable. Our products degrade quickly, eliminating any concern of them polluting our waterways.

EarthVision’s SuStar™ Sustainable Starch technology mechanically realigns the molecular structure of starch making it both strong and flexible without the use of petroleum-based polyolefin. Polyolefin is a binding agent required in all manufacturing of sustainable products today and adds cost and toxins, and is not biodegradable.

SuStar™ Sustainable Starch utilizes waste food starch as its principal raw material, which is one of the world’s most abundant biomass products in nature (Schwartz & Whisler, 2009). These starches can be produced from leaves, roots, seeds, and stems and are so abundant that excesses are often land filled at tremendous cost. Commercial starches are extracted primarily from cereal grains such as corn (82%), wheat (8%), and tuber crops such as potatoes (5%) (LeCorre, Bras & Dufresne, 2010). Other starches include rice, sorghum and hemp, also available to us.