Introducing SuStar Sustainable Starch™:
A transformational, earth-friendly,
lower cost replacement for plastics and Polystyrene.
SuStar™ makes sustainable packaging affordable.

Non-biodegradable, petroleum-based packaging products are piling up at an alarming rate.

The negative impact on the Earth is reaching a tipping point. But, a significant shift is beginning to take place in the world from petroleum-based to plant-based alternatives meeting the growing consumer demand and legislated requirements for a more sustainable, and less environmentally harmful, packaging.

EarthVision is designed to leverage this transformational shift with our revolutionary, bio-based non-petroleum starch solution that is state-of-the-art and affordable, and will have a global impact as the first replacement for petroleum plastics.

We introduce you to SuStar Sustainable Starch


SuStar Sustainable Starch™ creates bio-packaging from food starch waste.

EarthVision’s patented SuStar™ bio-solution technology creates all packaging products using “FOOD STARCH WASTE,” which normally is dumped in landfills.

On the supply side, the core material cost is transportation, making the raw ingredients virtually free. EarthVision is the only company with this SUSTAINABLE & AFFORDABLE breakthrough solution.

This revolutionary non-petro packaging solution is designed to achieve two things:

  1. A 100% green solution to the Earth’s dangerous plastic packaging problem
  2. Delivers packaged products at 20-35% of petro-based alternatives!

The competitive advantages of SuStar™ starches: Dissolves in water! Biodegrades in oceans, rivers, and landfills.

  • Marine degradable
  • Home compostable
  • Lower carbon footprint than polystyrene
  • Less carbon emissions than Polystyrene
  • Food Digester compatible
  • Patented cost-efficient manufacturing process.
  • Flexible molds technology allows for low cost introduction of new sizes and shapes
  • Patented product formulations
  • Patented manufacturing design
  • Made in the USA
  • Starch resins can be run on all existing machinery
  • World’s first degradable replacement for petroleum resin pellets
  • Management team has over 100 combined years working with starches
SuStar’s Breakthrough Thermoform and Injection Molding Bio Solutions


Thermoform SuStar starch plates, cups, bowels, trays and clam shells from powered waste food starch to finished products


SuStar Thermoform products deliver all the sustainable environmental benefits – along with dramatic cost saving over current competing petroleum-based materials.


SuStar Starch Pellets for low-cost injection molding for thousands of products now using expensive petro-based materials


SuStar starch pellets deliver a unique biodegradable benefit for injection molded products – combined with a compelling reduction of costs versus petro-based resins currently used in manufacturing.

We’ll change the world of plastics, and change the world for good.