Our disruptive tech transforms plants into sustainable products.

We’re forward thinking with a global reach.

The best part? We own our game-changing manufacturing patents.

They let us use food-grade plant starches from corn, rice, wheat, potatoes, soy, and sorghum to create sustainable everyday products.

How We Make Our Products

Step 1

We take plant-based starches from food-grade raw materials, which can be converted into a material with any degree of thickness or flexibility.  We can even make it as hard as iron

Step 2

To do this, we realign the molecular structure of powdered starches and reassemble the molecules into a herringbone pattern through thermoform manufacturing.

Step 3

Our products have no high-cost petroleum-based coatings or films, PLA, or wax, and manufacturing doesn’t use much water.  People can simply use them once or until they’re no longer needed.

Step 4

Once disposable products are used, they can be disposed of in five easy ways — without harming the environment.

Our five Earth-friendly disposal solutions


Compostable and rated ASTM-6400 for industrial composting cleanly within 180 days.


 Degrades quickly in landfills without toxicity.


Contains no petroleum plastic and cleanly dissolves in water over time.


Non-toxic waste is clean burning.


A closed-loop waste diversion system that repurposes our products.

What Is the Waste Dehyrdra system?

Earth Vision’s waste diversion system, Waste-Dehydra™, can break down all food waste as well as all Earth Vision’s products.

This technology allows for a wide range of consumers—including restaurants, hospitals, offices, or private homes — to reduce or eliminate curbside pickup.

Zero Waste, Always!

It’s a closed-loop system.

Our Waste-Dehydra™  offers a closed-loop system that allows for all of our disposable products to be repurposed into fuel pellets. These pellets can be burned in a barbeque or wood stove or used as fertilizer.

Competitive advantages

  • Our compostable products can be used at home or for businesses.
  • We reduce dependency on oil, trees, landfills, and incineration and reduce waterway pollution.
  • We manufacture with affordable and abundant renewable resources.
  • Our carbon footprint and emissions are low.

  • Our products are strong, durable, and non-heat transferable.
  • We’re scalable, because we can use thermoform factories around the world.
  • We’d employ local workforces and use local raw materials.
  • Our patented, cost-efficient manufacturing process keeps the door open to new design sizes, shapes, and styles.

Our tech can be globally scaled to save our environment.

We can be scaled around the world in most existing thermoform factories.  We can make a wide array of disposables from any local abundant starches each country has to offer.  This allows us to offer sustainability with affordability.

Want to be on the cutting edge?

The products and tech we provide have never been more urgent and in demand.