Where it all started…

Our mission to manufacture a new category of sustainable products started when Dr. Gordon Moore, the founder of Intel, and Dr. Hans Franke, who was board chairman for Chevron Europe, developed our revolutionary tech. These two brilliant minds took ten years—and millions of dollars—to develop a sustainable way to replace plastic, molded fiber, wood, and paper products with Earth-friendly alternatives.

Our tech is shaking up every industry we enter—all while protecting our environment for future generations.

We’re protected by 18 patents

Our patented technology includes:

Material formulations
Process technology
Component thermoforming
New products

Additional patents are under development.

“We are not bioplastics—’plastic’ isn’t even in our vocabulary. We’re an entirely new category of product that people haven’t seen before. No company in the world can match our technology for compostability, scalability, performance, and cost.”

— Doug Ivey, Founder & CEO

We’re in it for the long haul.

Will you join us?