We’re the
wave of a
new future.

Our disruptive manufacturing tech lets us make a new category of sustainable products like no other — 100% plant-based.

We offer a groundbreaking manufacturing solution that will lead a transformational shift away from harmful plastic, molded fiber, and paper products to sustainable, earth-friendly alternatives.

Our products are designed to minimally impact the environment and all living species — not just today but into the future. They’ll help reverse the use of harmful products at a more affordable price.

We’re rethinking single-use disposables — and making them better.

  • Foodservice products
  • Beverage packaging
  • Shipping packaging
  • Horticulture pots

What we are

A new, plant-based alternative.

We manufacture products that replace plastic, molded fiber, and paper from 100% plant-based starches.

Tree-free. Say goodbye to deforestation!

This helps us save energy, water, air quality, and space for waste.

Food grade, renewable plant resources.

Everything we use comes from locally available, sustainable sources.

Earth / marine compostable and biodegradable.

Our products degrade in days, not hundreds of years.

Behaves just like plastic and paper.

Feels, looks, and performs in a way you won’t need to compromise.

Less harm to the environment.

We reduce greenhouse gases, save energy, and are PLA-free. We’re also clean burning and non-toxic.

Time is running out.

Our mission is to protect our planet by replacing products made of harmful plastics and paper with a better, greener solution.

Our tech will help protect our world’s waterways, rainforests, land, climate, atmosphere, and animal species, including humans. After all, we have only one environment to live in.

We plan to reverse our dependency on plastics and paper products, leaving the world better than we found it for future generations.






& CO2 Increase



Let’s stop it together.